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The following images are examples of Joy's Memorabilia frames designed from one-of-a-kind objects we find at antique shows, shops or are keepsakes and found objects from our clients. We combine the antique object with  verse.


Prayer Purse  

This  metal purse is perfect to use as a Prayer Purse. A small verse placed within the purse reads "May the Lord bless and keep _____________________." (your choice of names). item #  6-praypur      Glass size 5" x 7"         Walnut              


Coin Purse

I often mount coin purses or wallets with the owners image and a verse about their attitude about money.  The verse for this frame, "Mom never let a penny go without giving one to God and saving one for the future" was inspired by my mother. Grandpa may have said, "Money does not grow on trees!" or "Money is meant to be spent 'cause you can't take it with you."  A coin minted the year of the owner's birth along with other coins minted in the year of birth of family members will make for a nice coin collection.

item #      9-Coin           Glass size 8" x 10"     Burgundy            ____________________________________________________________________


Eyeglasses can be mounted in memory frames along with a photo and verse describing the way the owner saw the world. The verse in this frame states, "No one ever ruined their eyesight by looking at the brighter side of things."

item #    9 -Eye        Glass size 8" x 10"   Burgundy               ____________________________________________________________________

Grandma's Rosary

Mounting Grandma's image with her rosary and the Hail Mary prayer is always very special. It reflects a person's faith and devotion to their religion. What an inspiration to future generations!

item #        9-HM               Glass size 8" x 10"     Burgundy             ________________________________________________________________________


This champagne finished  frame exemplifies the mounting of a wrist watch. An image can be added to the verse chronicling how a person always had time for family. One of our customer's brought her wedding rings and the watch she wore at her marriage for mounting. She set her non working watch to the hour she took her vows some fifty years ago. What a Joyful Memory!

item #       9-Time         Glass size 8" x 10"     Champagne        


The Necklace

Pearls can be mounted and given as a cherished gift to a mother, grandmother or a favorite Aunt. This sayings reads,                               "Mom's love is like a grain of sand....Planted just right the result is a beautiful Pearl."    A photo and names may be added to enhance the personalization of this frame. 

item #    9-Pearl           Glass size 8" x 10"       Champagne        


This a a standard verse and design we offer at all our shows.  Backgrounds and colors vary. We mount various antique findings with this verse for long time friends.  This shows a small vintage perfume bottle. This design usually is personalized with the friend's name.

item #     6-8086       Glass size 5" x 7"            Walnut         



item #   6-Quilt                    Glass size 5" x 7"  Walnut  -  


What a great gift for your hair stylist...

item #     6-Cut         Glass size 5" x 7"     Burgundy     


This is a sample of one of our frames and one of the verses listed on our web site. 

item #     6-1232              Glass size 5" x 7"        Champagne             


Morning Prayer

item #         9-0400       Glass size 8" x 10"         Champagne       


Cross of Gold

item #         6-2932         Glass size 5" x 7"          Burgundy        

The following photos show our wooden window box  frames adorned with lovely memorabilia. These are one-of-a-kind items and are priced according to the objects mounted.


item #          WB80-book      Black             


item # WB-glove               green               

Framed Verse Colláge™ has been a labor of love for the Meadows Family of Kingsland, Texas. We are in our 38th year of creating and marketing handmade, original gifts and decorative accessories. Our creations are available only through our website and selected art and craft fairs.


While we no longer provide frames for our colláges we can take your image and image edit it on our Parchment card stock along with a verse found in the link below for $15.00. Parchment paper size will be 8˝" X 11" for you to insert into your own frame. Each additional print only $5.00 each. Call Joy Meadows at 512-288-1340 for additional information.

Link to our verses


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