This newest decorative accessory consists of photographs scanned and image edited into our Framed Verse. It consists of taking our most cherished photographs, scanning and image editing them and placing the processed image inside our Victorian picture frame along with a saying, opening and/or closing personalization. Its time to get our photographs out of the attic, basement or garage and onto our living room and dining room walls. Join us!


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Image Art™ Pricing


While we no longer provide frames for our colláges we can take your image and image edit it on our Parchment card stock along with a verse found in the verse link on Framed Verse page for $15.00. Parchment paper size will be 8˝" X 11" for you to insert into your own frame. Each additional print only $5.00 each. Call Joy Meadows at 512-288-1340 for additional information.  

Original photographs should not be sent via U.S. mail. Joyful Memories will not be responsible for any photographs sent via U.S. mail. Scan, save as a .jpeg file and attach to an email. Our email address is An option would be to have a print made of your original photograph and send the print. Do not Xerox, use a copier or facsimile machine to copy your original photo. They leave moire lines and can't be scanned into image editing programs accurately.




More information on Image Art™ creations may be found by calling us at 512-288-1340, emailing us at or writing us at P.O. Box 426, Kingsland, Texas 78639.


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