Welcome to Joyful Memories' world of personalized note cards and sayings. Choose your favorite graphic design and let us know your personalization requirements. While we have many images and sayings for our creations we have included our most recent designs for your browsing pleasure. Scroll through the images below and our Framed Verse page for our most popular cards and frames. Information on ordering can be found by selecting this Ordering link.


HB-01    Hummingbird


BUT-02    Butterfly


HAT-03    Victorian Shoes and Hat


CAT-04    Black Cat and Kitten


TEACH-05    Teacher


CUP-06    Victorian Tea Set


BIB-07    Bible


DRAG-08    Dragonflies on Lilly Pads


WAG-09    Wisteria Wagon


SUN-10     Sunflower


RAB-12     Rabbit


BB-14     Bluebonnet


PUP-15   Puppies


YR-16   Yellow Rose


SS-17   Sea Shells


LH-18   Light House


XM-19   Xmas


Red Hat-20     Red Hat Mama


ZE-21  Zebra


GI-22  Giraffe


DOT-23  Dots


AP-24  Apples


MAG-25  Magnolia


SPA-26  Sparrows


RO-27  Roses


FRO-29  Frog Pond



A  packet consists of 8 Note Cards (fold over - blank inside) and 8 Envelopes.  Note Cards measure 5 3/4" in width and 4 1/4" in height. The personalization will read "A Note From" and your personalized "name." They are packed in a clear, cellophane package and shipped at no charge the following day. Our Cards are expertly printed in vivid color with crisp and sharp vector text characters.


Our customers tell us that they use their Note Cards for  thanks, invitations, get well cards, greetings, welcome notes and as gifts for others to give. We personalize your Cards at no additional charge. Above all we strive for complete satisfaction for all our patrons.



Free shipping and timely delivery  assure you of having and giving an gift that will warm and  flatter the hearts of  family and  friends. Information on ordering can be found by selecting the Ordering link in the banner above or below.

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